Systemalab link hard working God of Craft Hephaistos to ancient Greek science and to the first flying robot in history! This pigeon-shaped-device was invented by mathematician, philosopher, strategist and mechanical engineer Archytas in 4th century BC. Systemalab claims a robot, even in the form of a pigeon, would be much needed by Hephaistos and his assistents who were always too busy to take a rest! Archytas has given name to the mathematical and geometric construction of a curve derived from intersecting a torus and a cylinder of the same diameter. Systemalab think Archytas interest in complex geometry and curvature is excitingly contemporary. His invention that connects throughout time advancements in robotics is the construction of the first artificial self propelled flying device. His bird-shaped steam engined flying device is said to have flown a futuristic 200m and was named by its inventor: The Pigeon. Systemalab jewellery is also inspired by the traditional bird shelters of island of Sifnos.
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SYSTEMALAB is an exclusive jewelry brand established by the architects Sofia Daniilidou and Thomas Vietzke in 2012. Their work is represented by Hilde Leiss in Hamburg and by Isabella Hund in Munich, as well as by art galleries in Los Angeles and New York. Both designers work as architects in London and Hamburg with emphasis on digital design and production methods which they link to traditional analogical techniques. Sofia Daniilidou graduated from Instituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia in Italy and continued her postgraduate studies at the Architectural Association in London. She received a Master Degree in Architecture and Urbanism from Design Research Lab. Thomas Vietzke studied architecture at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna from which he graduated in 2002. Thomas Vietzke is director of the international professorship programme for Design– Masterstudio Architecture at the PBSA Düsseldorf. For Systemalab their academic work is closely related to their work in the Design Studio.

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