Music is Apostolos Kleitsiotis' passion, it keeps company to his thoughts and vision while working and connects him to Orpheus, the Thracian mystic, who went to Hades to get back his dead wife. Music composed by Arcade Fire and Nick Cave on the myth of Orpheus and Eyridice are among Apostolos' favorite selections. Although Orpheus lost his bet to cruel Persephoneia, mistress at the realm of dead, he is adored in all eternity by the mystes of love for his dedication and courage to despise death.
Apostolos' work focuses on the power of love, of passion, of art creation, as well as on tragedy and its overcoming. Through his art technique that makes jewellery look like moving and changing substance constantly, Apostolos pays tribute to the metaphysics of Orphism.
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Apostolos Kleitsiotis was born in Alexandroupoli. His love for painting motivated him to study jewelry at Mokume College in Thessaloniki. He established his own retail and wholesale business in 1997. He has participated in many important craft fairs in Greece and abroad, such as Inhorgenta in Munich and Espaijoia in Barcelona, as well as in jewelry art exhibition in galleries and museums in Athens and Thessaloniki. He was awarded the Best Design Prize by the jury of the TIF- Helexpo 2002 in Thessaloniki. Kleitsiotis' jewelry motives reflect nature, antiquity, Byzantium and modern art movements. His art style can be described as "discrete luxury". Kleitsiotis cooperates with selected jewelry stores in Greece, England, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Cyprus, USA, Portugal, Hungary, Switzerland etc. Kleitsiotis is a founding member of JAW (Greek jewelry Association). He lives and works in Alexandroupoli.

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