No other myth can describe better my adult life than the Odyssey. I feel for Odysseus, I understand him, I have already encountered his monsters and nightmares; and there is nothing I long for more than find peace and security again in my broken country Greece.
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Loukia Richards is a visual artist and curator of the exhibition "Myths". She works in the field of Textile Art and Participative Art. Her assignments include projects for the Umweltbundesamt (UBA) in Dessau, EU Programme Grenswerte/Euregio, Theater Thikwa in Berlin, Hellenic Cultural Foundation in Berlin, etc.
Richards studied Economics at the National University of Athens and Visual Communication at the University of Arts in Berlin. She is alumna of the Onassis Benefit Foundation, Fulbright Foundation, Crafts Council England and Künstlerdorf Schoeppingen Foundation.
She lives and works in Hamburg.

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