For me  the myth of Persephone who is abducted by Pluto, god of Hades, symbolizes the duality of existence. The wrestling and dance of opposites within us, our internal conflicts, bipolarity of our mind , our contrasting views, our other self.
All those qualities that can only exist harmoniously as one unified, twin relationship. Persephone, daughter, Demeter, mother, fertility, drought, symbolize life and death, joy and sadness, youth and old age , passionate love and maternal love, inner and outer self, real world and underworld , good and evil, purity and perfidy, white and black, hard and soft, material and spiritual world, winter and spring, mythology and reality. For me, this myth is the twin brother of truth.
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Vally Kontidis was born in Athens. She studied at Middlesex University in London and received a BA (Honours) first class degree in Jewelry. She also has a Diploma in Silversmithing and Enamelling from the Montgomery College of Art in Maryland, USA. Kontidis was the student of well known American artists Professor Komelia o’ Kim, Douglas Zaruba, Cathy Cohen and and Alan Revere. Back in Athens, Kontidis founded her own jewlery brand. Her name stands for an established retail and wholesale business with international presence. Kontidis cooperates with exclusive Museum Shops in Greece, such as: The Acropolis, Benaki, Museum of Cycladic Art, Megaro Mousikis, Hellenic World and Macedonian Museum Of Modern Art, as well as with selected contemporary jewelry stores in Europe. Kontidis, a member of Washington Guild of Goldsmiths and the Society of North American Goldsmiths, is one of the founders of Greek jewelry association JAW.

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