Inspired by the novel Metamorphoses by Apuleius and Plato's "Symposium", Haris Kaminari expresses the duality of love’s nature and its contradictions through her jewelry: Beauty and Ugliness, Sweetness and Acridity, Happiness and Agony, Intimacy and Aloofness, Trust and Betrayal, Lightness and Darkness, Wisdom and Foolishness, Plenitude and Inadequacy, Blissfulness and Sadness. The myth is about the lonely and wearing journey of Psyche to the unknown, from her incarnation to the deification and the unremitting struggle for evolution, self-awareness, maturity and integration. Blue-grey-black jewelry pieces stand for the existential loneliness, the darkness, the agony and the despair Psyche feels until she finds out what is useful and beneficial for her. The pink-purple-red-orange pieces stand for the catalytic, divine intervention of Eros. Small white pieces represent the "pregnancy” of a new state of being, the opening to the unknown.
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Haris Kaminari studied Graphic Design and jewelry at Vakalo Art & Design College in Athens. She has attended various workshops for jewelry professionals at the Benaki Museum, American College and private schools in Athens. She worked as a graphic designer for TV and Film Production companies, advertisement, publishing houses and magazines in Athens. Kaminari has worked as a jewelry designer for various jewelry fashion companies. Besides solo shows and participations in group exhibitions in Greece, her work has been exhibited at the Benaki Museum Art Shop and at the Museum of Contemporary Art Shop.

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