Christina Karakalpaki's myth refers to fate. In Greek mythology, fate is represented by three old women: Klotho (the one who spins), Lachesis (the one who the draws the lot) and Atropos (the unavoidable or Death).
These three very very old but astonishingly industrious ladies take man in custody from the cradle to his tomb. They spin, weave and cut the thread of life.
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As an architect, Christina Karakalpaki has the technical and aesthetical knowledge and skills to balance between the large and the small scale with agility. She has participated in international jewelry exhibitions, such as Madrid Joya, and her there are many referneces in design magazines. Karakalpaki works as a freelance architect and consultant for a Greek company for exclusive furniture. As a jewely designer she collaborates with museum shops, local stores and galleries. Her jewelry has a clear structure that complements the body of the bearer. She lives and works in Athens.

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