Grexit - Nowadays, the Greek word knife means 'to cut down', 'to lay off' or 'to downsize'. 
Despite hard austerity measures nobody can guarantee that Greece's exit - or Grexit - from the Eurozone is out of question. Does Grexit mean total catastrophe or are its horrible effects just another myth?
Through his jewelry set Grexit, Otsis asks people to reflect on the devastating effects of the crisis. He asked five young people: "What did the crisis take away from you?" he asked them.
He engraved their answers on the silver blades of his necklace: Hope/Well  Being/Work/  Dignity/Dream. 
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Otsis alias Vassilis Tsoutsoplidis studied Computer Science at the Technical Vocational School of Metsovo, Communication and Network Engineering at the State College of Ioannina and Jewelry Design at Mokume College in Thessaloniki. He has participated in various design exhibitions organised by Mokume. Otsis uses participative art principles in his work and is interested in jewelry as a reflection of social processes. He lives and works in Metsovo.

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