The labyrinth of life/ is my personal internal labyrinth/ at the end of which/ a way out does finally exist/ as long as someone holds Ariadne's yarn.
I tie the yarn at the post/ outside I enter the labyrinth/ with the yarn in my hand.
I move back and forth/ till I find the end/ the exit.
I cross many labyrinths/ not just one/ I walk through them/ and always get out.
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Katerina Glyka was born in Athens. She studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts and Graphic Arts at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. She enriched her knowledge on art and design by attending workshops on set design, ceramics and jewelry. Glyka worked as an Art Director for almost twenty years. Nevertheless, she left her career in advertising for the art business. Glyka is the owner of an art and craft venue in Athens. Her work has been exhibited at the Benaki Museum Art Shop. She has participated in numerous group art exhibitions in Greece.

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