The never sleeping Sun God gives a dramatic twist in many Greek myths, such as Persephone, Odyssey, Jason and Medea.
Thomas Thomidis from Thessaloniki reflects through his jewelry, how it feels to live under the powerful sun of Greece. He thinks his work is complete when people wear his jewelry and feel connected to the sea, mountains and sun of Hellas.
Thomidis says: "If you take a doric column and cut a slice out of it, then what you see looks like an abstract sketch of the sun". He turns the sun wheel into wearable sculpture.
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Thomas Thomidis discovered his passion for constructions in early childhood. As a teenager, Thomidis expressed his feelings for the persons he loved by giving them jewelry pieces he created. As an adult, Thomas does not think of himself either as an engineer or an artist or as a wholesaler. On the contrary, he feels vitally connected to the material gold and silver, for metal makes his thoughts and dreams take shape.
Thomas Thomidis lives and works in Thessaloniki.

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