EUROPE: The union of states sharing a common cultural heritage and the same political goals:  democracy/ freedom of thought, speech and trade/ rule of reason over superstition/ religious tolerance. This is what Europe strives for today. But can a united Europe really exist?  And on what conditions? Does Europe have to revise everything it stands for in collective consciousness?  Is United States of Europe just another myth? Once upon a time Zeus married mortal princess Europe and brought her to Crete.  She bore him three sons who represented eternal justice.
Voula Karampatzaki's work questions the origins and destination of Europe's journey.
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Voula Karampatzaki was born in Eastern Crete. The region's rich textile tradition had a strong influence on her work. Karampatzaki designs exclusive and extremely labor intensive jewelry. She has a long term cooperation with the jewelry and luxury goods company KESSARIS in Athens. Collectors of her work include international designers, such as Romeo Gigli. Karampatzaki thinks of her jewlery as a talisman to promote her ideals of love and beauty.
Though a trained goldsmith, she also works in the fields of textile art, costume and set design. She has shown her textile work in Athens Biennale 2011 as a member of the team of the Cypriot artist Nikos Charalampidis. She has been awarded the Greek Centre of Goldsmiths Prize for the contest "Gold-Silver 2002". Karampatzaki lives and works in Athens.

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